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Hello everyone!

I am new to this site and would appreciate some pointers.

I'm 38 and have always had great skin, however, since January I've noticed the fine lines creeping in and my skin under my eyes is constantly taut and tight and the tight feeling is constant. I've tried just about every cheap and expensive product out there.

I've been using Avene Retrinal 1% as advised by Skin Clinic to help (which it has), however, since using it for the past few weeks all over my face on it's own, it's plumped out and made me skin feel great but I've noticed the skin under the corner of my inner eyes have become creapy
Not sure if this has just worsened over time and I didn't notice it before or the Retrinal has done this.

During the day I used Boots No.7 protect and perfect followed by Nivea Q10 day cream and topped with a wrinkle filler by Olay. I can't wear any make-up around the eyes because the skin becomes tight soon after my moisturiser is applied. Evening in N0.7 again and retrinal.

I'm also have a glycolic peel once a month which has really improved the clarity of my skin.

I would really appreciate some advice and knowledge. Should I be using a night time moisturiser on top of retrinal? I am so confused as I know loads of people have seen great results with this brand and strength.

Thank you all in advance Ava
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