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avon anti aging products.....

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Has anyone used avon products for anti aging? There are sooo many to choose from and it seems some of the products get good reviews. If you have used them..............what is your opinion?
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I thought Id try avon a little while back, there anti aging skin care range "avon anew" is is not!! I did not like it all and if anything made my skin far worse than what is was, but that is just my opinion, I found there stuff too highly perfumed and whatever they put in ther products did not agree with my skin type, I do have slightly sensative skin, much prefer using Clinique range even though some of there stuff is not cheap it feels very nice on my skin and Olay and If you read my recent post gonna buy the stuff that has been recommened to me!!

See if you can get some samples and go from there if you fancy trying avon, otherwise the good thing about them is you can always return products if you dont like them!!
I tried their Anew Anti-aging gel cleanser. I found that it was too harsh for my skin (and my skin is not that sensitive!). It seemed as if 'perfume together with laurel sulfate' made their product like a washing powder. (Laurel Sulfate is what they use for making a foam). However, their Anew creams might be different...
If you'll decide to try them please let us know later! Thanks.
Just be careful with them honestly im sure they have made me develop fine lines never had before and my face become very spotty the anew range seemed to very strong so if you do use only use small amount at time!! If you want nice moisturizing cream body shop do lovely stuff, there wise women range Iv heard is nice but have not tried it myself! Good Luck with it anyway
hey i use avon thermafirm it really tightens the skin and it feels real smooth, i also use the alternative day cream it is a thicker cream but really works i swear by them ,but then everyone is different ,
I have tried almost every avon anti aging product and have no change. I have very fine lines and none of them have helped.
I have been told by a dermatologist that the more perfume added to a skincare products the less effective it is . Avon products are highly perfumed and personally I think they are cheap and nasty.
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