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Bad reaction to La Mer

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I got a sample of the La Mer eye cream and serum from when my sister had bought her jar of La Mer cream. I used the cream once and it was great so when I got home I used the serum and eye cream. The first day I noticed my skin looked "off", almost kind of patchy but of course didn't really think about it. The second day there were red bumps all over my face and it burns.

I stopped using the product immediately but now I am wondering what I need to do to get my skin to normal? Please help!
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It might just be that you're allergic to the product. I just posted that I'm allergic to Neutrogena products. I got weird patches on my face when I used it last four years ago. It took two weeks for it to return to normal. Just give it time.
hi,I had once similar problem with skin on my neck,was bad...I used "Collagen Mask" Firm Theraphy Serum from "" this mask-serum will calm your skin in seconds,redness will be gone!...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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