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Hey all, I've been seeing some mixed reviews coming from different internet sources (These can be fairly old places so I'm not sure if they're true, spam, or where I would have found them a couple years ago!).

Any thoughts/reviews on Clean & Clear Anti-Acne Moisturizer? I bought it one day because, not only am I broke, as I age my skin is drying out a bit but with sensitive skin comes headaches, most of the moisturizers I tried caused me to breakout! I've gotten mixed reviews on the moisturizer itself but am kindof wary of using it on a regular basis for fear of a new mountain range on my face... help?

Another: Witch Hazel... my stage makeup prof. uses this stuff religiously in our classes, and my sister just started using it as a toner (her skin is more sensitive than mine), is this a good natural toner? Should I add anything, like cucumber juice or aloe or anything like that, to it?

Finally: I've heard vitamin E does a few different things, but it's from several different sources... anyone have a basic list of its uses? Moisturizer?/Heals Scarring?/Anti Acne/Antibiotic?

Curiosity and all that! I know y'all are a wealth of knowledge, so I'm tapping in! Thanks oodles!
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