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Baffling pimples

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Hey guys!
Im new here but...I was looking for a place that might be able to help me figure out whats going on. Im a 20 year old female, and I NEVER had acne or peoples growing up. Just one or two every couple of months at the most. Recently, as in the past couple weeks, I've been getting pimples. Nothing drastic has changed in diet or exercise, but I got several small pimples on my face all of the sudden. Then, just a couple days ago, I got two large painful pimples/blemishes on my back, and 2 or 3 small ones that dont really hurt. I've been doing research on the internet but nothing has really come up. Opinion wise, do you guys think it is just hormones? Is it something I should be worried about if they dont go away?

Also, do you have any ideas for home remedies for the two on my back? Because they really hurt!

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Just shows that you realy can get acne at any age. Try putting a very hot washclothe on your face for about 5 min. then put an ice cold wash clothe on your face for approximately the same time. The hot washclothe will clean your pores and the cold one will hopefully seel your clean pores. Make sure you do not use soap! (soap makes pimples worse) Also try taking hotter showers longer, and take more showers too.
Thank you! I'll try that.

I tried to toothpaste remedy but it didnt work too well.

Oh well, I guess its just hormones or something.

I feel your pain. I was the exact same way. Suddenly my skin went from clear and beautiful to having pimples and bumps all over. I tried going to the dermatologist, but they were not much help since they did not see my skin as being too bad. A friend told me to try Erno Laszlo products (they have a spot treatment and overall treatment) and my skin is sooo much better now. They also have a face wash for skin that is really bad, but your skin does not sound that bad. I would check them out. They sell at Nordstrom and Saks.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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