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Bare Minerals vs Clinique

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Hey all, i'd just like to say this is my first post here.
But anyways, i just turned 17 and i still have the scars left from pimples from when i was 13. This is due to peeling, i was so ignorant back then! But anyways, this question is for makeup. I've heard great things about bare minerals but i heard its too "light" for scars. Also what about Clinique i heard that there continous coverage makeup covers scars too. Im just wanting to know what covers light scars (the scars itself, are lightening within time sometimes they can look unnoticeable.) They basically look like age spots. I also dont want it to feel like im wearing 10 pounds of makeup on my face.

I've tried a number of concealers/Foundations from good brands like makeup forever and mac studio finish, sephora, loreal , quo..the list just goes on! None of them really worked.

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