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Basic skin care routine questions?

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In my quest for the perfect antiaging product I also started looking for the best way to care for my skin. I have read over and over the routine of cleanse, tone, moisturize, and protect.

One of my questions is has the routine itself been studied and proven to help prevent aging?

I ask this because all growing up my mother told me to use irish spring soap on my face and rub the skin off in the shower with your fingers about every three days. I am currently 28 years old and my mother is 54 and still has great skin. I recently tried her soap method and found that what it did was made my face produce more oil. So I was wondering if maybe because her face was always producing more oil that is why she stayed so young looking. This gets to my next question.

Is it best to moisturize with a lotion or an oil similar to your own oil? And would an oil moisturizer last all day or would you need to reapply?

Thank you,
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Hi Hani,
Beautiful skin is not an instant thing. It is a result of healthy lifetime habits. At 28 it is not yet late to imbibe these habits. I believe the following habits will work wonders:
- Eat healthy & balanced diets,
- Make sure you hydrate your skln always,
- Avoid prolonged exposure of your skin to sunshine

The soap is probably drying out your skin and causing it to produce more oil.

Some moisturizers will hydrate your face for up to 8 hours, yes. You can even wear one containing SPF during the day to protect your face from the sun, and a different one while you sleep.
I tried this one matt mousturiser it worked quite well to prevent oily stuff. You could try a light mouturiser too
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