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You'll have to tell us more for us to really know what's going on with your skin. But from my own experience I'll share these tips.
  1. If your skin is an oil slick during the day, causing your makeup to "shift". Use cooler water to wash your face, use a toner, and a very light application of moisturizer, then apply your makeup. Use a tissue to blot off any oiliness during the day.
  2. If you're just no good at Daylook MU during the day, but do better with afterhours looks, choose one area (eyes) to emphsize and apply little MU to the other area.
  3. If it's a matter of lighting, then by a mirror that simulates the diffrent types of lighting effect and practice your day/night look in this. ***This continues to be by worst challenge, I've had to work on the flourescent light application, (the lights cast a green effect upon me). Often I'd get to work and be shocked at the coloring
    I saw in the mirror.

Again you'll have to be more specific about the problem, for us to be more helpful. In the mean time I hope this helps someone.
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