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I would treat the skin like any other part of the body with a breakout. Hair products can really be reaking havoc (forgive spelling). Also after you shampoo and/or condition...then wash body, cuz shampoos and conditioners can tend to clog pores and cause body acne.

You may want to include GENTLY washing behind ears twice a day, with regular facial washing routine. Then and alcohol free toner, you could use a spot treatment a gentle bp (careful it will make sure it dried before you let hair or clothing touch it) or salicylic acid spot treatments...OR tea tree oil as a spot great for breakouts! This will/may take some time....

Oh and be sure to wash or change your pillow cases every 2-7 days...yes it's a pain, but is very important (think about hair products on your pillow, bacteria everyday, and we place our faces down on our pillows every night....heck even oils from our skin....sounds gross, but it's the unflattering truth).
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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