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I just returned from a week in Telluride, Co and between the long days on the slopes and snowmobiling through the backwoods, my skin has taken a beating. I wear anti-oxidants and broad-spectrum sunscreen every day and reapply often but, my skin still ended up sun and wind burned. What can I use now and take with me next time to heal and sooth my red, chapped skin??

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OUch! I envy you the fun in CO, but the combination of high-altitude sun and cold dry air probably sucked all the moisture out of you!!!

Here is some good general moisturizing info from my favorite reliable source:

Basic steps of facial skin care routine: Moisturizing

Frequent applications of a non-comedogenic moisturizer could help, along with plenty of pure drinking water!

There is another thread there too about choosing sunscreens that could help you next time. Be sure that you have a high PPD in addition to SPF. SPF is for UVB (burning) rays, but PPD protects against UVA (ageing) rays. I just learned this myself....=( Wish I'd known it sooner...

Still, I bet you had a great time!!! Lots of snow??? Was it warm??

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