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Best Product for Eye Area (Fine Lines)

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Anyone please!!!

Im 25 mild anti aging?
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this forum is kinda lame
I've been using it for several weeks and I can not tell a difference . Still have my lines and dark circles .
I tried Hylexin once, but it was really oily feeling. It was supposed to be mainly for dark eye circles, but it also claimed to be for light wrinkle removal and/or prevention. But I only used it for about 3 weeks and then stopped, so I did not see any results to speak of. Maybe I should have stuck with it longer, but I have a low tolerance for oily products.

Since then, I have tried a few other eye products but nothing of any special note. I hope some other people can get in this thread and give us some ideas.
I've used heaps of different brands, none have been miraculous! I liked Sircuit I C U and Thalgo.
Reply JM0311: For eye area (fine lines and dark circles) I have found that Principal Secret has some wonderful eye creams that I have been using now for about 5 weeks. And they work! I too have tried many different products before this and they didn't live up to the claims. But Two that ARE great for the eye area are Reclaim Line Braker by Principal Secret. I tried it because the clinical study showed 87% had change in skin moisture after only 8 hrs. (For my dark circles which are so noticable people have made comments of concern about them to me.) This product helps because the moisture helps with the dark circles to diminish them honest! Plus the study showed 31 % had increased skin elasticity in 8 weeks. Like I said I have been using it for about a 5 weeks and saw a noticeable difference in both dark circles and fine lines and I'm over 40. One other product that was great is for the eye area is Reclaim EyeMazing Eye Serum. If you would like to check it out they usually have resonable specials. the phone number is 1-800-545-5595 I hope it helps let me know if you try it I would love to know what you think. Signed Jewels008
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I wrote a responses to your eye question see jewels008
I've been uing Emu oil- aweome-it feels a tiny bit greasy at first but it is transdermal so it actually gets into your skin!
PS-I'm 47 and already ee a difference in the age of my hands- I use it all over and have only been using for a week now.....
What about the ingredient eyeliss? Is that supposed to be for light wrinkles or something else? Anyone used it before?
I'm using Shiseido Future Solution Eye & Lip, it's really nice and makes a difference, it can be applied on all the eye area and also above your upper lip (perfect for smokers!). The cheaper version I use - Philosophy Hope in a Tube - also very good for me, doesn't iritate my sensitive eyes.
I was introduced to Cellex-C serum about 3 year's ago. It is used to target the "crow's feet" eye area. I didn't think it was working but stayed with the serum until I used up the bottle. I continue to use the product because there obviously is a difference in my skin & eye area -- I'm frequently asked what eye product I'm using.
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