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I never understood why people accused her of bleaching.
You must remember mama Tina is a very light skinned creole woman. In fact, when Matthew first saw her, he assumed she was white. This is Beyonce's mom so of course she's going to be light.

If you look at childhood photos and videos of Beyonce, she was never brown or dark.

When she started getting into fame, sometimes she tanned to make her skin appear more flawless. Especially in her debut album, she wanted to cater to the black community so she darkened her skin so she wouldn't be accused of "being too white."

She also had the blonde hair extensions/wigs to appeal to a more broad crossover audience.

This is what the record labels want people to do in order to sell more records. In fact, before MJ was to come out with the "rock my world" video, they wanted him to darken his skin with makeup and use a more afro textured wig.

Beyonce was always light. I'm sure she never bleached. Exfoliation and the best of skincare creams and full body chemical peels, yes. Bleaching absolutely not.
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