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big problem

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hi im ruky from india
im 19 yrs old before my skin is itchy and i have small acne on my face,
my skin is very irritated and its too much itchy and its lill bit reddsih also plzz help me
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Hi ruky and welcome here! Your English is very good!

What are you using on your skin right now?
Was your skin irritated before you used those products?
What is your skin usually like if you didn't use any products?

Are you allergic to anything? Foods? Medications? Soaps?

Hope we can find some answers for you!

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hello thx for reply
right now im using himalya face wash for oily skin, ponds white buety lotion for mosturizer , and jula gel some time
im using my face wash frm 1 yr i think its not suiting me but im confuze
im having this skin trouble from 2-3 months
Hi ruky,

You may be right: the facial wash may be too harsh for you. Could you try something mild? Something labeled "Gentle. Mild". To give your skin time to recover from the irritation. Honey and yogout masks may help too. Honey has antibacterial properties and may help with the acne.

Maybe you could try using plain olive oil - just a drop or two warmed in your hands and applied to barely damp skin - as a moisturizer. Or any mild oil that you have that is not fragranced. Sometimes the simplest things are the best for our skin!

Do you wear sunscreen? It's the best thing you can do for your skin to preserve it from the ageing effects of the sun. I know you are young, but your skin will thank you for it when you are 30!

Hoping this might help you in some small way, ruky!

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hey dear my face wash is labeled gentle
and it ontain and honey and citron,
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OK. What are some of the other ingredients? Sometimes labels are deceiving!!

Use a moisturizer of some sort. It just sounds like dry skin and a bit of acne.
One more think you live in India in some province or in big city? I think sometimes the dirty air is problem too!
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