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Bio Oil

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How good is bio-oil?
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I have never heard of bio oil. What is it used for and where is it available?
It's available mainly on the Internet, but you could also find it at walgreens. It's suppossed to be good for skin problems, such as scars, discoloration, and stretch marks. But I'm kinda skeptical. That's why I'm making this post to see if anyone's had any sucess with it.
i never heard of bio oil either, sounds too good to be true to help with stretch marks, but next time I am out, i'll check it out.
Nothing gets rid of stretch marks, they are genetic and unless you have surgery they are there to stay
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It's true that nothing gets rid of them. But some things do help them fade partially, such as retin-A.
i sarted a thread a while bk on it. iv had good results with it for my dark pigmentation.look on next page halfway down posted under my user name
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Bio-oil? Never heard, maybe that's virgin coconut oil. A cold process oil extracted from a mature coconut. am I right?
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