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Hi everyone,

Really hope I can get some answers here as the Doctors are pretty damn useless.

About a year ago I had a breakout of spots, stress related. I wanted to get rid of them quick smart so was using tea tree oil and every other prodcut possible to get rid of the, resut..... damaged my skin. I was breaking out in more spots and even on some occasions I got boils.

Now one year on spots are not really an issue, but my skin is very red, with small spots (caused by dry skin) Every product I use to wash my face, drys the skin out, I even use a ?40 moisterizer which does not work, skin drys out in a matter of seconds. The result is a rash looking skin with the occasional breakout of spots. I have been to the doctors who have given me steroid creams etc, I even went to S:KIN in Southampton who supplied me with the expensive products, advised me my skin was very sun damaged and to use the products. I am returning in 6 weeks. But at present I feel my skin is getting more inflamed and more dry.

I have attached a few pictures for you to look at but really i get the feeling there is no answer. arrghh

Attachment 67 - Right side of my face
Attachment 68 - Left side of my face

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