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blackheads help :(

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I'm 20 years old, and I've never really had any skin problems (I was a little pimply ~13 years, but nothing too serious). However, recently I've been getting blackheads all over my nose. At the time I was just washing my face before I went to bed with a a facial cleanser, but since I've started getting the blackheads I've stepped up my skin care routine a little. I use a pore scrub every night, and a facial cleanser in the morning. I put on facial masks every couple of days, and I use biore nose strips about once a week. I've also started wearing a light oil-free moisturizer. However, it's only gotten worse and the blackheads have spread to other parts of my face. I think part of the problem is that I've started to wear a lot of concealer and other makeup to cover it, but I make sure to wash it all off every night. I don't know what to do, I've never really had skin care issues so I'm kind of ignorant when it comes to what products are good and such.

Thanks in advance for any help
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A great tip that works normally for removing blackheads: while taking shower rub your fingertips (a little brutally) over the area affected with blackheads (which is mostly the sides of the nose in my case). Keep doing it for a while, since the skin becomes very soft it eases out blackheads and they are gone after multiple applications of this procedure.

Best of luck!
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