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ohmygosh actually in the beginning of this year i got this blue light stuff from my derm.... and well what he was actually doing was 'testing' it compared to a new light called the red light... to see the difference. and my freakin goodness my skin looked so perfect after 2x a week 20 min sessions for 8 weeks!!! all the little bumps AND cysts were gone.... and well the result turned out that red light just works faster than the blue light but generally not MUCH better at all... and i just think blue light is one of the greatest things ever invented... too bad it doesnt last forever though! the results are only supposed to last 3 months and oh yeah it contains no UV rays, it has nothing harmful in it, it merely kills the bacteria under the skin. my derm said i could literally sit under it for days and never get burnt or cancer or anything lol cuz i was pretty nervous about sitting under wierd lights. but anyways, you guys should try it if you have acne and dont want to take medications or are tired of topical creams!
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is this the same light that is used to clean some swimming pools and drinking water? i remeber going to a store that selling bottled water and pool cleaning stuff and they had colored lights but they were purple.
bump.... has anyone else tried this technique?
Hi everyone!
I realize that this thread is extremely old, but I just had to post. I called my insurance company today to see if it covered this procedure and it appears so. They are sending me the info in the mail so hopefully all goes well. I am so excited about the possibilities.

I never had problems with my skin until after I had my daughter at 26. My back and my face went insane! I've been battling it ever since, now 8 years later I'm tired of over the counter wastes of time. I'm going to try this along with some meds and see how things go. I'm looking forward to my appointment with the dermatologist. On top of this, I bought (yesterday) bareMinerals and am COMPLETELY in love with it! I'm hoping to cover these ugly scars and break outs while I heal once and for all!
Wow your insurance company sounds great. Mine won't cover anything cosmetic. They won't even cover any treatments for my Melasma.
Well, we shall see, but that's what the lady on the phone said when I called my carrier. She said that it all depending on how the doctor wrote it up, but there were two codes and both covered the procedure. I don't know, but I'm sure excited!
Hello everybody!
The most important element in getting rid of the cellulite is the gym. Do not expect to stay home watching TV and drinking some wonder-tea and the cellulite will disappear. Not even in fairy-tales this is not possible
I am using a Hydro-Active Anti-Cellulite Body Milk from Gerovital Plant BIO Line.
"Use after bath or shower, vigorously massaging the body concentrating on areas predisposed or already affected by cellulite. For optimal results we advise combining this treatment with a proper diet as advised by a physician."
That is what they say on the vendor's site (, and i couldn't agree more.
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I posted a thread called "Opportunity for those in the NW" but then this thread caught my eye.

Part of the treatment we're selling is a lighting device. A portable hand held with rechargeable batteries that use the blue light and red light. The blue light is for killing bacteria and truly penetrates the skin better than any topicals and the red light is to facilitate the healing process. Not only does it address the acne, but helps heal discolorations, shrink pore size, and target fine lines and wrinkles.

This was all new to me when I got hired on to cast for this project and I think it's very cool that the buzz behind the technology is already out there. It really works.
Light therapy is supposed to be excellent for acne.

Wow! A light that takes away acne!!! Does it work on teens?
I spent £4-500 getting private laser treatment on Harley Street for my spot prone skin and it had no effect whatsoever. What a waste of money.

I'm using Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser and drinking lots of water with far better results!

Blue light therapy is different than laser treatment
time consuming but also effective
It takes about 15 minutes a day. You can do it while you read, talk on the phone, or watch T.V. I find it relaxing.
I have suffered from acne all my life and tried everything including the blue light. In the end and after much trying and crying I now have a handle on my particular problem. Acne is a generic term used for a variety of skin disorders and the common link is that you get pimples on the surface of your skin. Nothing worked for my problem because the cause wan't bacterial or clogged pores but actually because my skin produces too much oil - the glands overproduce and it gets clogged in the gland which then becomes enflamed and the result is either a pimple or a boil under the skin. 15 years ago I started taking acutane. The result was less then wonderful as the treatment is 40mg per day for 6 months, which dries you out to the point where your lips are always cracked. No pimples but very very very dry skin. After the 3rd session the result was always the same it worked while I was taking it and then after 2 months of stopping the problem would start again. I was lucky enough to find a doctor who has been using acutane for hundreds of patients and he explained to me that the cure was right but the approach was wrong (his method is unconventional and counterindicated, so other doctors don't agree with his method). I started taking 10mg per day everyday and for the past 10 years not a pimple in sight. If I stop taking the 10mg within 2 months the pimples come back. So I don't care what the other doctors say, this works for me and my life isn't dictated by my mirror every morning to decide if I will go into the office that day or hide my ugly skin, not to mention the pain of having a cyst on my face. There are ofcourse side effects, the most significant is it causes birth defects but as I am in my 40's this is not an issue, so my skin looks perfect and I have good morning mirror days every day
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