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I remember from earliest years my mother was a sun worshipper. She had Elizabeth Taylor hair with olive complexion. She was beautiful. She was a beautician by profession. She read everything and often the best nutrition and beauty books of the time. A favorite was the beauty expert to the stars Gaylord Haueser. To this day I still believe he gave the best advice. Drink alot of water, use a slant board, laugh and get proper rest. That advice still stands the test of time. I know if he were alive today he would add the science of Glutathione as a great skin purifier and super health enhancer. It is certainly working for me beyond all the past lotions and potions and other glutathione orally consumed products I have used. They absolutely do not work or at best work at a small percentage. I have discovered the secret. Sincerely, PD
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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