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I woke up this morning and saw that I have a new broken blood vessel right underneath my eye. It literally formed overnight because it was not there when I was brushing my teeth just hours before. How can this have happened? It looked like bright red dot on my skin. It is making me extremely stressed out because I do EVERYTHING i can to make my skin better but something always goes wrong. I already suffer from cystic acne and have many scars on my face. I have a few more broken blood vessels on my face and would like to go under the laser to get rid of them. All of my broken blood vessels are little red dots and do not have a vein like appearance.

Who here has had laser treatment for something like this? There are about 5 blemishes that I would like to treat. How much would this cost? Is there any downtime? Is it permanent? Will I have to undergo laser treatment more than once? I am 21 years old and working and going to college so I dont have much money at all. But my skin is getting out of control and I feel like I must go through laser treatment now. I have about $1,000 in the bank but I was hoping to save that for school
My father also got laid off from his job a couple months ago and I am the only one working my family. But I REALLY want to get rid of these broken blood vessels/capallaries. Somebody please help me out.
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