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Hi, just open my account here, seem fantastic place to talk about my problem.

From last two years i went many time the dermatologist, she gave me a cream asking, applied twice on the places of pigments.

After using the cream (made by medical store) no changes occur, in the end she said to me, she can't help me any more. It was strange experienced for me, could not imagine a doctor sitting in best Dutch hospital would say this.

I search Skin care centre, and last week made appointment and went there, on a phone they said the have treatment to remove the pigments from the skin, they had some kind of machine.

When i reached there, after small in-take the beautician said to me, because i have brown skin they will not perform pigment removal treatment.

What? that was first scram i heard in my heart. She was not agree to even have test performance. I left the beauty canter with sadness.

Today, i just wanted to search by myself.

Is it true the pigment removal process not applicable for brown/dark skin?
Is there no cream or solution remove those pigments which are visible many time, especially in summer.

I would be really thankful for your help.

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