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Can anyone suggest something to help with enlarged pores, I have them round my nose and chin. These areas also have a lot of broken thread veins.

I have made some progress recently (I think) in reducing the oiliness in this area by occasional use of Alpha H Liquid Gold. Also a gentle daily exfoliation after cleansing in the morning seems to help - using Origins Modern Friction. Then I have to use foundation to cover the red veins, which is OK, but then I have a sort of pin cushion effect and the exfoliated pores never remain clear so the make up does not go on smoothly. I have tried different types of foundation including mineral, I am using Lancome Photo luminessence at the moment which is not bad as it has a serum like consistency.

One product I use that does work quite well so that skin feels smooth, is Philosophy Microdelivery, but I am not sure whether it is bad for the broken capillaries.

I am wondering whether my best option would be to use a primer before my make up. Can anyone recommend a skin primer that evens out pores and lumpy skin without adding any oil/shine, I have tried Estee Lauder Skin Refinisher but that did not help.

I am reluctant to moisturise the area - in case of pore clogging and adding to the oiliness - but sometimes the skin flakes slightly so I am using a Seaweed moisturiser by The Body Shop or a Boots Botanics Serum occasionally - but only at night, in the morning I just use the foundation - also I don't use a toner.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks all, Popcorn
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