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Bunch of skin issues need to be answered...

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hello just using my friends account. got a bunch of questions for you lot to answer and in detail would be nice.

1) im 19, guy, how can i make my skin as smooth and fresh looking as possible... sometimes i break up with unwanted sweat and rough wrickled where you can see the pores and it doesnt look really fresh and smooth? what should i do? any remedies? any thing i should use?

2) i have pimple scares its like holes in the skin how can i make them not so bad? and how can i make some scars i had from something heal quicker its been a year and ive been using vitamen cream on it doesnt seem to work that much?

3) anything to cover up undereye bags, i dont know if i shud use make up for bags since im a guy so what should i use to cover it up for when i go on a date or job interviews? it really looks bad like im on some kinda drug
- either yet is there a way to get rid of it? beside spoons, cucumbers all myth i rekon! i even tried eye cream wont work...

4) i have pimple on near the side cheek but i have tried everything to get rid of it now it feels like it a spot? how can i get rid of it? it was a pimple before now it turned into a spot not a mole spot but just a pimple spot and i cant get rid of it? so how can i get rid of it?

thanks hope you guys can help peace
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Hi Katnip #2
Welcome! Probably better if you register yourself and get the right answers so we don't confuse you with Katnip #1 !!!!!

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Hi there. Please register an account so we can help you with your specific issues.

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I would go for a cleanser and toner and oil free moistoriser. I would deifnately skip the makeup idea! twice a week also a mild exfliator would be useful on your skin.
For the under eye bags, it could be because your not drinking enough water prefreably 2-3 litres per day. Sleeping min.8 hours a night could effect it. But if your eating healthy and drinking and sleeping right.. Maybe just keep experimenting with different eye GELS.
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