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Camouflage cosmetics

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Hi, this is such a fantastic site!

Iâ€2122ve joined as I wanted to know what camouflage make up people might recommend? I work for a design consultancy and weâ€2122re doing research for a camouflage make up brand which at the moment sells from Pharmacy to consumer but will soon sell directly from a website. We will develop the packaging, website etcetc. Iâ€2122m really keen to know any thoughts or feedback on current brands from any users. A lot of the websites I have seen arenâ€2122t very helpful for a new user wanting to know which colours/products will suit them best and donâ€2122t send samples of colours so until you spend money you canâ€2122t tell if itâ€2122s the right shade for you (unless you go into a store)… any advice will be very helpful!! Thanks guys.
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