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I had a laser resurfacing treatment three years ago, and my skin has never been worse. Some of the symptoms I'm suffering from are very much like those for rosacea.

Has anyone ever heard of a laser, or something else, actually TRIGGERING rosacea in someone who previously never had it? The only areas where I'm getting red and bumpy are those the laser went over (so there's nothing around my eyes or mouth).

I should mention that I had the laser treatment done to get rid of pitted acne scars. I'd had acne for years that never completely covered my entire face, but gave me some big lesions (obviously). The only good thing that has resulted from this laser is that my acne has pretty much stopped. The scars, however, are still here.

Also, the skin underneath the red rash, and in the untreated areas, has turned to this unhealthy-looking yellowish color...very sallow.

I've read that only one-tenth of ONE percent of all laser patients end up getting scarring from it. I'm wondering if I just happen to fall into that tiny percentage.

Please...does anyone have any idea what could be going on here?
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