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Hey yall (sorry for making so many threads)

I found this site after damaging my face badly with caro white 2 months ago. Although Ive darkened a bit and my face has mostly healed, it's still stained orange/yellow, even though I havent used HQ in 2 months. I have a new goal closer to my original shade and was wondering if anyone could give advice on how to get to it and how to get rid of this orange stain on my face that doesnt seem to be going.

Right now I just use shea butter and started taking supplements this week, in the morning; 1x NAC pill, 1x Alpha Lipoic Acid pill, 1tsp of MSM powder, 1/2 tsp of Vit C crystals. (I have alot of exfoliants and HQ at home but dont use anything on my face as I'm not trying to get lighter but towards my goal)

Thanks in advance ! :)
first is me and other is my goal
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