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no waay 馃槀
I was specifically thinking about sza when I reply to you was even going to post pics but got lazy

I know exactly what you are talking about

yes with her they say its weight lost and what not

they aren't super famous but with these twins that were reality stars its the same thing

"they edit their insta pics "
"before they had a tan "

like please 馃槀

let's not forget the oj of this miss Diana Ross, she is one of the most extreme transformations and rarely do I hear people calling her out

"she aged, as we age our skin looses pigment"
"cameras were bad back than they made al black people look darker"

I will say she was lucky that in that time pics were black and white
who are those twins?

156 Posts
this thread literally makes me feel vindicated always had a feeling most of celebs are getting lighter but people told me it was in my head and I thought to myself maybe as someone who "bleaches" I'm projecting

but thinking about it we more than anyone know what's going on , not because we are projecting but because we are doing it ourselves we know the drill, we know the effort an struggle to get even one shade lighter 馃槶
it just doesn't happen magically or by chance , not to black skin at least
if the skin is getting lighter you better bet they are doing something
cosmetic surgery and skin lightening is very common, not even just in Hollywood but in social media as well. Now working class people have access to cheaper cosmetic surgery and lightening shops than ever before.
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