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I agree, It's just going to be more obvious after a couple of shades.

It's often direct "brightening" via skin lightening IVs/treatments/lasers/professional peels, also indirect lightening effects via expensive anti-aging skincare regimens products (many of its ingredients exfoliate/ lighten as we know). Then things like filters and different cameras/flash/lighting/photoshop in photoshoots exaggerate these changes. I haven't even mentioned the power of makeup/body tanners yet.

I think most women (with public personas) are lightening/anti-aging/getting fillers/procedures, etc because why wouldn't they? It's in their interest to look their best. It's also really easy to pick out two photos to say it's one thing when it's potentially all of those things happening.

IMO, the key is to keep it subtle (some manage to do that and some don't care to and wish the max out their glow-ups). If you keep it subtle, you can maintain some plausible deniability.
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