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Did Toni bleach?

  • No. It’s the lighting.

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  • No. She tans.

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  • No. She changed her diet and drink’s lots of water now.

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  • All the above

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As far as celebrities? Idk I’d say it’s still under 50% imo. I just wish someone would come out and reveal the secret on how they get all over lightening so evenly. Like with proof, as in a doctor is verifying the procedures or injections or whatever it may be. Cmon it’s been YEARS already!
we are never ever ever getting that
celebs barely reveal their simple beauty secrets , the more extreme ones (plastic surgery) even less even if it's super obvious they will still lie through their teeth
bleaching is extremely controversial and seen as completely "immoral" so there is no way we are getting any celeb to reveal any time soon
they would get a lot of flack specially from the black community judgment side-eyes
so again there is no way
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