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Chemical peels VS. Laser treatment

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Have any of you had good results with a series of glycolic acid peels (aka beta peels) to treat acne scars?

I am debating springing for some Fraxel laser treatments (~$2000 althogether) but an esthetician swears she could great some great results with a series of 4-6 chemical peels (~$500).

I have done to different spas and medi-spas talking about both types of treatment, but of course... the estheticians swear chemical peels are the answer and the laser technicians swear laser is the answer.

I would be okay with spending the $2000 to get my acne scars to vanish, but would MUCH MUCH MUCH rather save $1500 by going with peels that can (supposedly) achieve the same results.

Any insight?
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Hello, I read your reply to the above question and was wondering if you could please answer one I have. I am of Asian background 46 yrs old with fairly light skin. I have some mild age related sun spots/discolouration and some fine lines mainly in the tear duct areas. I also have a lot of small red capillaries mainly around the sides of my nose and due to heritage and oily skin I have very enlarged pores on my cheeks. I have been reading a lot about laser resurfacing and also chemical peels and would like to improve the overall look of my skin (which tends to look sallow and has occasional breakouts) and would like your opinion on which treatment would offer me the best result. I have had one IPL treatment for the red capillaries and the sun spots on my face and backs of my hands. It helped a small amount with the sun spots but didn't do anything for the capillaries.

Thank you for your advice.
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