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does nayone have a good vegetarian chilli recipe?? I want to make some in my crockpot...............thanks!
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That's a great cold weather dish! Good idea!

To whatever your basic chili recipe is:

I just use bulgur wheat (soak the dry grain in warm water till soft) in place of ground beef. It looks like ground beef once it's all cooked together. You do not have to brown the bulgur like beef though.

I like to add a can of yellow hominy (large kernels of corn soaked in lye to remove the outer shell - it's a Southern USA thing and a soul food thing.) to the mix to complement the protein in the beans.

Wild rice is a nice addition. Diced butternut squash. Be creative! And serve with jalapeno cornbread!

Do you have any recipes to share??

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I'm not a great cook, I really keep it simples, I will try your ideas, I will let you know.........thanks
Come on, you gotta have meat in there.
HaHa - not if you're vegetarian you don't !!!

I usually add ground turkey or just more beans.................I like it that way........
My partner has an INSANE spicy chili recipe. She is from Minnesota and really knows how to spruce it up. I guess they don't have much to do up there other then make chili.
I will obtain it from her and post it when I have it....
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