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Civant Skin Lightening Cream

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Hey people
I've been doing plenty of research on skin lighteners over the last few weeks.
I think ive come to a conclusion, civants lightening cream seems, the safest, most effective, and the most trustable product.
It comes with a 30 day guranteee, something that most products dont come with and it has absolutely nooo hydroquine!
Now i might be talking out of my *** because im not really familiar with skin lighteners, being that im a dude.
So i was just wondering if anyone here has used the cream before?
and if theres a cream out there better
Thanks guys!
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new to the community, trying to get info. on several skin conditions, being as my former profession was sun worship. i tried celacor for dark patches above my lip and it really worked.
well hydroquinone good just not for long term....meaning don't use it for years just long enough.
read their articles on their site. it tells what dangerous products not to buy
have any of you actually tried there product:S
yes I have tried it. Its good but too expensive for me.
I only bought it once and it made me lighter but now im looking for something cheaper for long term
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yeah right
it works
yeah i hate the price, but I'll go with anything that works
how much lighter did it make you and in what time span?
I tried it too. It works a little BUT the cost is prohibitive compared to the results. They must be raking in millions! I refuse to pay that much for results that minor that take soooo long to see & do not last. Scientists can put epople on the moon, transplant human hearts & work all sorts of wonders: a reliable true safe skin whitener cannot be far behind.
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