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Clarisonic Brush

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I haven't really seen any reviews about this. I have had mine for almost a year now and I have mostly good things to say.

This electronic brush is meant to aid daily cleansing by cleaning the face 75% "better" than your fingertips alone. The brush lathers up your daily wash well and it is safe enough to even use in the shower. Think the sonicare tooth brush (same company) but for your face.

My Pros:

My acne slowed by at least 40%
My face feels cleaner
My products seem to absorb better
I like the way the brush feels when washing
After 9 months my skin is less oily
My skin tone looks more even

My Cons:

Seemed to stimulate my oil glands at first
I was hoping to see diminished pore-size but have not
The texture of my skin has not greatly improved -might be to rough on my face over time
The Price is pretty steep -$190.00 ~ may have gone down since last March
On-going cost - They suggest that you replace the brush ($25.00) every 3-4 months. Who knows...Perhaps boiling it would help it to last another month or so but the bristles my weaken.

Over all, I am happy with my brush - I guess I had hoped for miraculous overnight results (I still believe in The Easter Bunny too
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I got one last week for my 60th b'day. I just love it. It's amazing to see how much more make-up and dirt are removed. I don't find it too harsh for my "mature" skin. I'd give it an A++.
Happy Birthday, Miz Doodly!
I'm glad you are happy with your Clarisonic!
Thanks, Dragonlilly! The more I use my Clarisonic, the better I like it. I do think it is cleaning out my pores on my nose for maybe the first time in my whole juicy life!!!

I would recommend this product to anyone regardless of age.
Yes... it does even out the cleaning. I can feel my products absorb b/c my pores are really clean. But I do think I am going to start using it every other day now. I am doing so much with my skin right now and the clarisonic definitely gives my skin a workout. Right now I use it once per day at night.
As ive said before in other reviews the clarisonic brush is fantastic ive had one now for about 18 months and have also just ordered a new clarisonic plus with body brush, cant wait to use it i will let you know if its worth the extra money or not.
Wow cool. Someday i'll be able to afford one lol
I just purchased the Clarisonic Mia from QVC (Item #A95714). This is the portable version; it has only one speed. The price was $119.82 (plus tax), with free shipping and 3 payments is available. The Special Value price will be available for only a short period (don't know how long). Thought someone might be interested in purchasing the smaller unit.
I bought mine off of QVC last year for $195 and it was a great investment....that along with actually using some serums face looks better than when I was in my 20's. (I am 41 now). I highly recommend this'll love it.
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