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I have a combination skin.
I have been using new products since 2 months and recently added few others in my daily skincare. I use
Cosrx low ph morning gel cleanser
Dear klairs vitamin c serum
Clairns Hydra-Essentiel Cooling Gel Normal to combination skin
Isntree water gel suncreen spf 50 pa++++
Sometimes use cosrx overnight mask as moisturizer
clinique gentle face cleanser
Recently using ordinary glycolic acid 7%
Clairns toner Hydrating Toning Lotion
With aloe vera & saffron flower extracts
Recently using ordinary hyaluronic acid 2% + B5
Recently The ordinary retinol 0.2 %
cosrx overnight mask as moisturizer

I use glycolic acid every other day. It just been 5 days.

I am having clogged pores and my breakouts have not been recovered since 2 months.
Am I using too many products or using it wrong?
Please advise


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Product overload. Keep it simple, with so many products who knows which is causing the issues for you. Only way you will find out is by product elimination. Which is time consuming. So either remove several products, and keep it simple, cleanser, toner, moisturizer. OR.......keep what you using and one by one do a product elimination until you figure out what is causing the issues for you. But truthfully, all those things you are using are overload and not necessary.
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