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I've just bought some cold-pressed Jojoba and some Rosehip oil. I didn't mean to!
It was just what this particular site offered re oils - so as I wanted to try the oils themselves, I just went with it...

Anyway, what is the lowdown on the cold-pressed oil front? Will they be better for skin nourishing/moisturising? Or would a cheaper refined option have been just as good?

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You got the right stuff!

What is Cold Pressed Oil?

Cold-pressed oil retains more of the nutrients than heat-expelled oil, so is more expensive, but in the end a better value. Your skin will love you for it!
And it isn't that much more expensive - think of how much you'd be spending at the department store for all that chemical-laden crap they sell for face cream!


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Hello there,

I consider cold-pressed oils to be: olive oil; grapeseed oil; sesame oil; walnut oil; sunflower oil and hazelnut oil.

Properties of these oils:-

Olive Oil - extra virgin oil contains the most Vitamin E and lecithin and is truly natural.
Grapeseed Oil - possesses regenerative and restructuring qualities and affords excellent skin moisturisation; it stops skin from drying out.
Sesame Oil - Soothing on the skin and a good choice for natural beauty recipes.
Walnut Oil - contains high levels of vitamin E and other skin nutrients. It is sometimes known by the French name 'huile de noix'. It is a useful alternative to hazelnut or almond oil.
Sunflower Oil - sunflower oil is best bought in an unrefined state from a healthfood shop because it will contain higher levels of nutrients, including vitamin E and calcium.
Hazelnut Oil - This has good penetration and is one of the best oils to use on the skin. It is beneficial when acne is present.
Jojoba Oil - this oil closely matches the skin's own oil' sebum and is especially good for oily skins.
Rose-Hip Oil - this oil is very expensive.and is an excellent oil for dry skin.

Hazelnut Oil and Jojoba Oil are suitable for oily skin. Rose-Hip Oil is more suited to dry complexions. It will help to rehydrate and claims are made that it can help improve scars.

In conclusion' I find grapeseed oil superb for cleansing and moisturising. I buy them at the supremarket very cheaply and am pleased with how my skin looks because I use them all.

Warm regards,

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