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henna This magical plant used in hair coloring and falling treatment and flexibility,making it soft and characterized as henna is suit for all hair types
the benefits of henna are not limited in coloring hair, but it have many medical uses which are useful in the treatment of baldness and healing content of materials including holding and antiseptic working on the top of the scalp purification microbes and fungi and secretions such as excess fat and scalp infections and
You Anstee access to many of the colors of your papers using henna powder
through the addition of some plants, and other things as follows:
boiled chamomile for a yellowish color and is suitable for women with fair hair

1- Eggplant Black boiled peel for light brown color

2- Boiled tea and coffee for brown color

3-Boiled pomegranate peel, hibiscus leaves to get the color tends to give the Red color which look wonderful with black hair
4- Boiled powder (turmeric Rizumat) gives the color tends to Yellowing with the fair hair with

With regard to the optimal way to use henna is revoked through papers henna powder with boiled flowers and fragrances
Add to this mix yogurt cups and the number 2 spoon Vinegar and 2 yolks and honey spoon Bbitin addition to the 10 capsules of vitamin (a), which prevents oil Rosemary Snow poetry and more intensity and can also add lemon juice to poetry fatty only because it leads off the Yes and drought hair.
But if your hair was dry put oil after using henna dough, which is made from a mixture of several oils are almond oil, castor oil, olive oil, coconut oil

This leads to the glitter and softness of hair

And it is preferred not to wash hair before putting henna for a period ranging between (4-6) hours and then wash it with water warm

And requires a charmed correctly to avoid any error might harm the hair and to whom do you want to keep it, which is a henna dough on the hair brush by special small according to the following steps:

Wearing an old shirt to secure protection for your clothes
then Put cream or oil on the area around the hair so as not to face colored eyes or ears with unwanted orange color and don't forget to put gloves in your hands.

put henna dough on your hair and begin from the top bunch after bunch from both sides >
if the dough dried put some drops of warm water and mix it
_ distribute the henna through the entire hair then cover it for 3 minutes with rolled aluminium If you wish to obtain bright waves
If you wish to obtain bright hair waves

wash your hair with a good shampoo and then softly remove all henna dregs
then wash it several times before combing your hair then dry it

hair experts recommend using henna hair instead of an order tint and also emphasize the need to use henna once every 15 day At least to benefit from it 's all advantage
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