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Comments/suggestions on my skin care routine

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I am 28 years old, I have normal skin and oily on T zone. I get pimples on my chin an occasionally on the sides of my face, near the ears. Also I have some large pores on my nose and between my eyebrows.
Now what I use:

In the morning:
makeup remover from Bioderma - Sensibio H2O
face cream Bioderma - Sensibio
Eye cream Guinot - Hydrazone (for hydration)
eye cream La Roche Possay - Redemic (only for wrinkles underneath my eyes, which I have them from reading, since 8th grade I think)

In the evening:
makeup remover from Bioderma - Sensibio H2O
retin-A 0.05%
Eye cream Guinot - Hydrazone
eye cream La Roche Possay - Redemic

I also apply some ointment based on some yellow flowers (don't know the name in English, these flowers are good for healing) on the marks that the pimples leave on my face (it's not that great but don't know any other product who can help me with this).
My biggest problems are the pimples and the fact that retin-A didn't help minimize my pores on the nose. I don't have blackheads, seems retin-A helped a lot with this.

I could use some suggestions on improving this routine.
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