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Concealer first or last?

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I use concealer and tinted moisturizer every the concealer supposed to go under the tinted moisturizer, or on top? I tend to have more luck applying concealer last, but I'm not sure if I'm applying it right.
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I have always put mine on first. I think you're meant to put it on first but if it works better for you after, i would keep doing that. There is a lot of make up techniques out there but not all of them work the same on one person as another. You just have to find what works for you best and stick with it, its silly not to.
Dunno if I'm doing it right but I use my foundation first then the concealer. Sometimes the foundation does a good enough job that I don't need much concealer after all!

yeah same, I always judge how much concealer I need after putting on TM1
I used to alway do it first, for extra concealment, but recently ive been putting my foundation on first and realize i dont even need concelar! Its helped my skin because im not putting so much makeup on now! Definitly try it both ways and see which way works for you!
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Concealer is supposed to go on after foundation. I use it in this way and it stays put all day. Laura Mercier concaler is good as it is non-oily and does the job.
After foundation. You may use less this way. Also the application of the foundation whether with a sponge, brush or your fingers will probably remove whatever concealer you put on anyway. Always after!
I agree with SkncareDiva! Concealer should always be worn after foundation. I used to apply my concealer before but then I thought I will try the other way round: Foundation first and concealer after. Mind u, it works much better and u end up using less concealer this way!
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I think some concealers are before foundation... like the green to cancel redness, the lavender to brighten, and the salmon for dark circles and the first coat to cover blemishes. A second coat may be required for the blemishes that didn't quite disappear after the foundation is applied.
Oh yeah, you're right I think! Some correctors are for just that: correcting the underlying problem before adding back color.

Ya and no wonder we have to use it!! Look at the clock-
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concealers are supposed to be applied before foundation but I prefer applying foundation first as it gives more coverage
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