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I just want to ask if you could use soap w/ aha content even though ur only 17 yrs old, have sensitive skin and w/o sunscreen?? I have read that if you are using soap w/ AHA it increases sun sensitivity...

Some says that you could also lighten ur skin by drinking lemon juice everyday...Is it true??

could you also take a bath with fresh milk?? I mean you will put milk on ur whole body and wait until it dries..
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AHA soap? Try it if you'd like.
Drink Lemon Juice: Will not lighten your skin or hair. it must be applied to the areas.
Milk Bath: Add 1 cup to your bath water, and soak. I like adding the powderd milks.

Do searchs (on this site) for Lemon, or Milk Bath, or AHA, and you'll see other entries here for their uses.
Using Alpha hydroxy soap is fine, but you really do need to wear a suncreen if you're going to use it. I don't know why you wouldn't want to wear it if you want to lighten your skin.

There's nothing complicated about the milk bath, you just put 3-4 cups of fresh milk in your bath, bathe in it and when you're done get out and dry yourself off.

You will not lighten your skin by drinkin lemon juice, only by applying it to your skin. It should be diluted though since lemon juice is very acidic.
The fda even requires that all AHA products have a warning about using proper sun protection.
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