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Continuously Clear for Acne

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I've tried many acne products and none have worked. I'm currently using Seriesse Continuously Clear line and have seen some improvements.

I just want to Salicylic Acid safe?

I appreciate the advice.
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Does anyone have any advice?
salicylic acid is safe. but its nothing really special.. almost every acne wash has it, even the $5 products you buy at the drug store.
Of all the products I have used over the years it has been salicylic acid that has made the big difference. After I startet with weekly peels of 15% - 20% salicylic acid all my black heads are gone and I'm mostly free of break outs. I do however still have the occasional brake out, but they are rare and minor. Now I use a weekly peel with a blend of lactic and salicylic acid. I recommend trying the salicylic products.
Half my message disappeared!

Is very a well known ingredient in skin care and other uses. It is the mildest of the chemical peels. The strongest peels with 20 % salicylic acid can leave your skin a bit red, all most like a sunburn if it is left too long on the skin. It will however not penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin. If you start with one minute peels that is a very safe amount of time and if needed you can add a minute or so with each / every other peel. Your skin will gradually get used the peels too. In low consetrations like 2-5% dry skin is the only risk.

Some people are allergic to salicylic acid like any food substance and if so this ingredient is not for you.

If overly used salicylic acid can and will dry out the skin. But it is easy to adjust the use to your skintype in cleansers, creams and peels. If you have dry skin this is not the best peel for you. Salicylic acid can also be blended with other hydroxy adics like lactic and glycolic. Great for combination skin.

It is possible to over exfoliate and that will leave red and irritated skin, but is easily prevented.

Salicylic acid has the advantage that it can dissolve the hardened oils in clogged pores, and at the same time is anti-inflammatory. I think it is the only stuff available for home use that really clean out clogged pores, and it is inexpensive!
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Of all the products I have used over the years it has been salicylic acid that has made the big difference. After I startet with weekly peels of 15% - 20% salicylic acid all my black heads are gone and I'm mostly free of break outs.
2blue - thanks for all of this helpful information! Could you give the name(s) of the commercially available product(s) that you have found worthwhile.
When I was first introduced to the peels I had them done by a skin care specialist (a salon, the kind that gives facials and ani-wrinkle treatment). In the long run this was rather expensive, so after a while I bought products from the salon and used them at home. I was told I would not need more than one peel a month after the first series of treatments, but as it turned out if I'm to have no clogged pores I have to peel ever other week or so. Then I found a few websites that sell salicylic acid in powder form and I made my own peels for a while. Right now I use ready made products from a seller on that has her own skin care salon. (I'm not allowed to post URL's yet but if you write "salicylic acid" in the search line several products turn up). This seller introduced me to the salicylic/lactic blend I prefer now. A tiny bottle of peel really last a long time as not much is used for one peel. There is no difference in the peels you get at a salon and the ones you do at home.

I also like the peels from called "Alpha-Beta exfoliating system". It's a salicylic/lactic blend but based on different ingredients that some other peels, feels milder and not so drying. The cheapest are the ones based on propylene gycol and not much more. The peels I have tried or made my self have all worked just fine and really not that much difference between them, because the skin care you use after the peel is reall the most important.

These days I use a inexpensive moisturizer from Weleda that I add a few ingredients to. I use the green tea extract, the antioxidant booster and the seaweed extract from the skinactive site, and a bit of rosehip oil. Be careful when shopping there as it is easy to get carried away :) I also like their t-sone serum and acne control cream. They have all these in a acne control kit if you want to try it all.
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That's pretty cool that you create your own moisturizer.

Do a quick search on yahoo and you can find several vendors that sell the base products so that you can make your own in a more formal format.
My 14 year old daughter suffers terribly from acne, I have been told it is a hormone imbalance, however it is terrible for her and we have tried everything I can find here in australia even proactive and i don;t think it even helped her I wish someone could give me a magic cure to make my daughters teen years more enjoyable
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Freddy: I'm going to make my own cream/lotion next time I make an order :)

Shutey: I don't know if there is any one cure for this. I have heard skin experts talk of different type of acne and the cause of them. Some girls go on the pill to stabilize their hormones but 14 is way to early for any thing like that. Some treatments are better for those who get the inflammation deeper in the skin and those who get it closer to the skin surface may benefit more from others. In most cases it looks like we all have to try the different treatments that are available and hope that we hit the right treatment sooner than later.

I don't know if a dermatologist or a salon will recommend the strong peels or retinoic acid for some one as young 14. Australia has lots of sun and the active ingredients like retinoic acid (a form of vitamin A) and the most commonly used like benzoyl peroxide and acid peels make sun protection an absolutely a must every day. Personally I am rather reluctant to advice any one to use benzo peroxide long term, something teenagers often are forced to. The peroxide produces free radicals that all most all other skin care products promise to protect us against. With benzo peroxide there is a risk of skin atrophy or thinning of the skin something that again is associated with factors like old age and sun damage. Skin will age badly if used for years, some even use these not just in their teens, but all so through the 20's and into the 30's. Teenagers have the most resilient and strong skin, but in my opinion this is not something that a 14 year old should be exposed to if there is any other way.

I remember when I first heard of the skin peels in the 1990's many skin experts did not recommend regular use of them until the age of 25 but there were never any strict guidelines and others used them freely. In those days glycolic acid was the most hyped, but later lactic and others came along that are milder. Salicylic acid in skin care have been around for a very long time. Many experts believe that the acne causes too many difficulties for the individual and justifies the use of treatments with some really bothersome side effects when nothing else works. And I agree with this too a certain point, but I have stayed away from the harshest treatments.

There are some scientific evidence that a diet supplement of oils high in omega 3 fatty acids that are found in flax seed, fish oils and hemp oil are good for the skin. These oils taken with a supplement of antioxidants that are found in fruits and vegetables greatly reduces acne. In your country there are probably lost of them available in the health stores, both oil blends and mixtures of different natural anti-oxidants. Some people find that sugar and/or foods high in iodine aggravates their acne. Salt water fish and dairy products are high in iodine (the cows are given it in their feed and it shows up in the milk).

I would once again recommend the acne products from They are very mild and have a serum that really helps keeping the pores unclogged. They are based on a salicylic/lactic peel, a light face cream and a serum with several antioxidants that helps the pores staying unclogged. At least it is worth a look at the ingredients and then you can see of there are any similar available in your country. Stick with any of the products you try for 2-3 three weeks, then the effects should be noticeable. I hope at least some of this might be new or helpful to you:)

Good luck, I know that there is help for your daughter !
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Hey mostly Salicylic acid is safe...
But take precautions while using Benzoyl peroxide...
It is very irritating for the skin...Lot of people are allergic to it...
Infact, my doc had given it to me...n next day i woke up wit a swollen, inflammed skin, with burning n itching all over my face...Can never forget that horrible sight...I culdnt move out for the next whole week...
N if u have heard of 'Isotretinoin' tablets...The brand name is 'Isotane 20'.
It is supposed to be a wonder drug for acne....But use under doc's prescription...Its supposed to be taken once a day for six months...
it really worked for me....
Although i had to stop within 2 months coz i developed an allergy...(Dats y the doc's prescription is important)
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