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cosmetic hag

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Hi there,
I was born and raised in the beautiful country of South Africa, on the coast of the indian ocean. Moved to the US at the young age of 16, alone, to attend school in Virginia. Soon moved to California where I began my career in the high end cosmetic industry. As an Account Executive for Christian Dior I had the opportunity to learn of the skin care and cosmetic field from a huge Company. After 10 years there, I moved on to Liz Claiborne Cosmetics, based out of San Francisco, and further became educated in the inand outs
of this ever changing and exciting industry. I have tried almost everything out there and am always curious as to what is new and different. Hence the title of Cosmetic Hag..
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Wow what an awesome life you have....that would be a dream job for me for sure, since I love to try everything cosmetic!
Can you share some of your experiences about your life???
Oh! and welcome!


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