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Crows Feet

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Is it possible to erase crowâ€2122s feet? If so, is there a product that will permanently get rid of them?

I do not want to use Botox or any temporary product.
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Is it possible to increase wrinkles by using a product? I was using Perricone products, I swear, I did not have crow's feet prior to using his products.
If it dries out your skin too much it could cause more wrinkles so that's a possiblity.
So skin care products really can't eradicate the signs of aging. Just ease the signs of aging. If that is the case most of these companies should really rethink their claims.

I have notice in the year I have faithfully applies Skinceuticals and Retin A (every other night) to my face is a clearer complexion and the dullness of fine lines. Is that the best I am going to get from these products?

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