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Cucumbers & Lemon

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I just want to know what would rubbing cucumbers do to my face, will it help anything improve anything? - Would it be better to extract all the juice from the cucumber and rub on the face?

How about lemons, I have tried it on my face, it feels like it biting my face but is it good for blackheads and pores?

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I would really avoid the use of lemons on the face. It really is a harsh compound and more often than not is applied for too long. There are too many good products on the market that work better with less risk.

Cucumber-based products are quite refreshing, it is more often than not indicated for its skin calming abilities. It won't do much if you rub it on your face, it's better to put it in your fridge and let it cool and then apply it in slices to your eyes to calm puffiness and other areas such as redness or pimples.
Oh thanks for the help, anything around the house I can put on my face to make something improve, like home remedies?

You're going to get a bias opinion from me, but the answer from me is no. Go to the pharmacy and get proper skin care products instead.

People have used raw eggs (vitamin A), honey, lime, and hydrogen peroxide (don't use this at ALL) with various degress of success. I don't condone the use of any of them.
Katnip...I went through my homeopathic phase. The last experiment actually being lemon and cucumber this past summer. BAD IDEA. Not so much the cucumber but the lemon darkened my pigmentation spots that were already starting to fade on their own.

Lemon is known to tightened pores, reduce oiliness, and fade spots...but lemon juice creates a HEIGHTENED sensitivity to the sun if you go out without sunscreen... yikes ... and DOUBLE yikes - that's what happened to me. I only had an SPF of 25 on So my spots actually got darker and deepened from one afternoon in the sun. NEVER AGAIN! It did tighten my pores though...

There are many natural products with lemon extracts in them but use other natural compounds to counter the overly acidic properties of lemon. The Pevonia skin clarifying line is one example that I like.

The only homeopathic remedy that gave me clearly positive results is an Agave (which is kind-of like honey) mask, I just massaged Agave onto my face and let it sit for 10 to 15. This seemed to even-out my skin tone and it also had a tightening effect.

I stopped using it because like Freddy said... there are so many products on the market that work better for less risk. Agave masks did make a sticky mess and it is so much better on fruit or in a smoothie! Yum!
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I've a honey mask too (I just used plain old wildflower honey though, not agave), and it really did give my skin a brighter, more glowing look.
Cucumbers cut into little roundels in a bowl with salt and lemon makes a great snack. I love it.
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