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Damaged skin

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Hey all new here

I have a biggg problem that doesnt seem to be going away anytime soon. Im a 20 year old male with Extremelyyyy dry skin on my face. This was never a problem and im sure I did this damage to myself when I was about 14-15 I started to get acne and I would wash my face sooooo many time with nuetregina ( sorry spelling ) with salicylic acid. I remember since my repeated washing with that product and I remember my skin became extremely flaky, tight and painful my skin has never been the same. Im 20 But im pretty sure my skin does not look like I am 20. I cannot even wash my face in the sink With plain old water without my skin getting flaky, dry and tight. The biggest problem is shaving which i Do with Aveeno lotion. I've gone to the Derm and they basicly told me nothing was wrong and it was the winters fault even though i repeatidly told them This has been a problem for a few years and Now it is becoming unbearable. Its getting worse and worse Its really starting to get to me. Ive gone to 2 doctors with basicly the same answer Last winter and I no longer have insurance. If anyone has some suggestions I would appreciate it Im not sure if theres alot of males here but any advice would be appreciated! Thank you!
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also I do use Mosturizer , I used to use body lotion it was so bad and it would help ALOT but it would give me to much acne so stopped about a year ago. I also Run alot and started running just because of this So i sweat alot but It hasnt helped much. I also drink Large amounts of water everyday. thanks.
you need to see your local esthetican and start getting corrective facials, also buy some good quality products....... be ingredient savy
I don't understand why the Dr.'s are telling you it's nothing? It sounds like something to me. Maybe you can go to your local health food store like Whole Foods and tell them about your dilema. Maybe they can tell you about taking something orally to help heal the problem from the inside (maybe you have a vitamin deficiency?) and then they can also recommend some face products for your skin type.

I've heard cold milk helps. If you get really cold milk and soak cotton balls and place them on your face it helps to soothe it.

I hope you can find an answer soon. Good Luck!
I would look for the mildest cleanser you can find. I like Dermalogica Ultracalmiong cleanser. It's a very gentle gel-cream that you use on dry skin and rinse off. Try to avoif foaming cleansers. A simple moisturizer like La Roche Posay Toleriane fluid would be great too. It only has a few ingredients so there's not much in it to react to. Very nice.

I'm a guy too by the way and have sensitive, dry skin. I can't even shave with a razor.
Welcome Kevin - hopefully you've learned to NOT wash your face that much. Twice a day is usually the norm (morning/evening) unless you are doing something in between where you'd need to. Even then, I'd suggest a mild wash. KEEP an eye on those ingredients of products you are using/trying.

Do you still have acne problems or just dry skin? What kind of moisturizer are you using?

DHC makes some really good Olive oil soaps that are great and shouldn't break you out, plus the oils will help heal the skin also. If you can, lay off shaving for as long as you can to let your skin heal some. Combating this internally will help also - by taking Omega oils. Also make sure you drink plenty of water.

You might want to look into a microderambrasion product, but go lightly and 1x a week at first. Then find a good moisturizer to use afterwards that's not chock full of chemical/synthetics! Emu oil, Macadamia oil, Squalene are pretty good for starters.

Keep us posted and welcome aboard!
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Thanks for the help everyone. No I do not wash my face at ALL other then in the shower which is killer for my skin. Plain old water out of the sink will make me painfully tight and flaky. Yes I still have slight acne problems not as bad as when I began with the salicylic acid product. I dont know if this is possible but I feel as if the skin was damaged that it does not produce anything to keep itself moisturized. Is that possible? Im going to try and get some Emu oil since everyone here is suggesting it
Thanks for the help so far!
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Also im pretty sure This was damage from the product I used because Its effects are really my forhead, cheeks and chin. I still have some great healthy skin from about where my eyebrows end and down around to under my eyes. Also my throat does not have this problem, even though it has to be shaved also. Im guessing i Didnt wash there that often with the product. Kind of depressing when I see what my skin could be like but I messed up. I kid you not i would Wash 10+ times a day because I was worried about the acne and I really didnt know any better at that age. sorry... just rambling on lol.
Take vitamins also - Zinc is good in helping skin rejuvinate, also Vit. C is a good one. Vit. E is good both internally and externally - mix some Vit. E oil with Comfrey for soothing those parched areas. Chamomile is also good.

You still might want to look into microdermabrasion to help slough off that dead, dry skin.

Do keep us posted!
well I took some pics today to show you what I am dealing with that Its not just normal dry skin and its Really damaging my face. I took these pics in sunlight so you could see... The normal flash on my cam doesnt show it very much. Like i said im 20 so remmeber that when looking at these pics even though it really doesnt look like it

ug well i took pics but i need 15 posts to post them
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ok try that just put http in front of it not www
Hey Kevin, it is hard to tell by the pictures, but your face does still look like acne/oily skin are a factor.

Cleansing your face is important – water in the shower isn’t enough. You need to use a light cleansing lotion to thoroughly clean oily and clogged skin, while balancing your skin’s natural P.H. creating less oil production by the sebaceous glands.

I recommend using all natural and organic skin care products, in your case one with lemon oil to balance and decongest the cellular tissue. Lemon helps to minimize the skins production of oil while preserving the skins natural acid layer.

You can use a non-abrasive face scrub to exfoliate the dead skin, but only if your acne is not severe and inflamed as this can spread infection into other pores.

You can also use a botanical astringent to help balance P.H. and deep clean the skin. Key ingredients to look for are Tea Tree Oil – effective natural antiseptic that dries out pimples, spots and acne. Blue German Chamomile is a great essential oil that gently calms over active sebaceous glands and lessens acne breakouts and calms the skin. Geranium minimizes the production of oil in the sebaceous glands, strengthening the connective tissue of the skin, reducing acne and inflammations.

You also want to use a light facial moisturizer that is suitable for oily and acne skin that won’t clog the pores. Look for products containing Squalane which will hydrate gently and effectively; Lemon oil which balances the P.H. level of the skin on a cellular level and reduces the production of oil.

I hope this info helps… Mike

Forgot to mention a couple of other good ingredients to look for. Calendula is a good medicinal healer especially for healing scar tissue and marks. Beta-Carotene is a powerful anti-oxidant that repairs and heals skin on a cellular level.
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Thanks for the info. The thing is really My skin has no oil at all, I think its more dry skin and flaking which i Know can clog pores and cause acne. The only oil my skin really has is mosturizor i put on Which Is always the kind that Does not clog pores. I will try everyones suggestions though im pretty much desperate for anything to work.
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Hi Kevin -

My husband has similar problems, though in his case it is seasonal... But I have a couple things which will hopefully benefit you.

First, you're right - your constant scrubbing with a BHA probably sent yor skin out of balance and it has never snapped back.

The previous post suggested a VERY gentle cleanser - I agree. Find the most gentle cleanser you can. That means irritant free - look for things that do not have fragrances, soap, detergents, even color, if possible.

After cleanser - it seems like your skin is hypersensitive to moisturizers, which makes a dry skin problem very diffifcult! Instead, try using a nice toner, that has a good water binding agent in it. This will provide some moisture, without clgging your pores. BUT - this may not be enough if you are over dry. Look for VERY VERY lightweight moisturizers - try them out. Everybody's skin is different - you may have to try a few things before you find one that provides moisture, but does not make you break out.

Running is GREAT. It will help push toxins out of your body and help keep you healthy. When my husband was training for his marathon, he started breaking out - probably because you get hormonal shifts when you begin a physical regimen. Stay with it and it will normalize.

Hope some of this helps!
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Thanks for the info, Can you Suggest a Toner to me? My budget is limited though
. I Just bought a 2 oz bottle of Emu oil online today to try it out. Does anyone know if this clogs pores at all? Thanks
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Emu oil should NOT clog pores!

As for a toner - you can make a fabulous one at home. Get Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar (if you can't find Braggs, regular is ok, but natural is better), then mix it 50/50 with water. Yes you will smell like vinegar at first but the smell does wear off but the benefits are great! Just make sure you follow up with a good moisturizer or the Emu oil. OH - the Emu Oil - ONE drop goes a long way - so use sparingly!
What Does Toner Do? do I just rub it into my skin?
Since you have sensitive skin, I'd probably dilute that mixture even more - 1/3 Apple cider vinegar to 2/3 water. Just put on cotton ball and wipe over face. Toners do so many different things depending on what they are made of, many of them sooth irritated skin, while some help exfoliate and clear pores.
Hi Kevin -

Joey of New York has a few products that I like. (There are a couple that I don't - they can be overpriced for what you get, but that is another post.)

Take a look at Joey New York Pure Pores 1-Step Toner & Moisturizer. You should be able to find this for around $25-30. (I know you're on budget, sorry!)

There is another one that I like - Kinerase Hydrating Antioxidant Mist - it goes for around 30 bucks. This one uses hyaluronic ingredient that I like very much in this circumstance. It is a very good h2o binder and will moisturize nicely, w/o buildup. I don't think something like this will contribute to breakouts.

Kevin - I don't feel like I have done you any favors! These are both relatively expensive options. Urrrggghhh.

But these are both products that I have used on clients with great success (they liked the results). If this does not fit your budget, my recommendation for you would be to look online for an alcohol free toner that is designed to moisturize (hyaluronic acid is a good choice, but may be $$$). See what's out there and give it a whirl - you may have to do some trial and error. Note: if you look for toner for "oily skin" you are likely to get something that will further strip your skin exacerbating the problem - be careful!

Good luck,

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