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dandruff in eye brows

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i need help.

for the past month, i been having flakes in my eye brows, cause winter had just arrived here in NY. And its crazy cold. The closes store to me is CVS. What do you recommend for these flakes to go away? i also get dandruff on my hair but head-n-shoulder don't seem to be working. Anyhow, i care more about the dandruff on my eye brows because its a lil obvious

any suggestion?

ty in advance.
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YES, I deal with this everyday for years. The only thing that has worked is good ol fashion moisterizer.

Not lotion, but true deep penetrating moisterizer. I use Aveda because it has a good smell (it is a few inches from your nose

I rub it across both brows not as a reaction when I see flakes, but now daily. On days after it appeared (usually from me forgetting) I make sure I get it in good (rubbing both ways) and do the area above and below the brow slightly.

I also like the Aveda because it doesn't leave a oily surface which sometimes can affect any other products you might be putting on afterwards (I don't but for those that do)
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Your skin is perhaps too dry. Also, make sure you properly cleanse and moisturize that area.
The flakes you are seeing are likely caused by an overgrowth of yeast on your skin. Not actually dried up skin. Try an over the counter product like nizoral, on your scalp and eyebrows. Don't go to bed with your hair wet and try to sleep a little cooler, yeast like warm moist places. Don't try to scrub the flakes off, it just makes it worse, but you probably already know that. Look up seborrheic dermatitis on
I've found that using dandruff shampoo in my eyebrows once or twice a week helps tremendously with this. I get the softest-bristled toothbrush I can find, squeeze just a bit of the shampoo onto it, and then (eyes shut, of course) I very gently scrub my eyebrows. The idea is not to scrub the dandruff off, as drdiane has pointed out, but simply to work the shampoo into your eyebrows for a bit. Rinse it out and you should be good.
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