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Dark Circles help!!!

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what to do about dark circles? I have a dermatologist appt. coming up soon regarding my dark circles.

What procedures are there? Can they inject fat under my eyes to thicken the skin and rid of the darkness? I am very healthy as i eat and sleep very well. I am not depressed or have any disorders. I just have these embarrassing dark circles that, i guess, could just be hereditary. But i want them gone! What to do?
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anyone have any thoughts on this?
I don't think there are any procedures to get rid of dark circles, unfortunately! A lot of people have dark circles and a lot of the time the cause is from genetics. Try to get plenty of rest, limit caffeine intake as well as salt intake as salt causes the body to retain water.
I think that it's mostly due to genetics. I have friends who have stressfree lives, are remarkably healthy, eat extremely well, exercise regularly, and have absolutely beautiful skin - but they have dark circles under their eyes.

I'd say to make sure that you take good care of yourself and to focus on your better qualities. And don't worry about the dark circles if you do have them. I'm not saying that they are not a reality, but try not to let them overwhelm you. Stay focused on the positives and not this negative - we all have them in some way or another.
Dark circles are easy enough to hide with concealer. Don't stress out too much about them.
I have them too and have been told it's due to poor circulation. Not enough blood under the eyes and as the skin there is very thin it shows darker. I started to take vitamin b complex supplement after checking with my doctor. Early days to see if it helps but have noticed that my hands don't feel as cold as they always were.
Check out vitamin K for eye circles on the internet...maybe some good info there.

If it's blue, the skin is very thin and all you can do is cover them with a yellowish concealer.

After coming out of hospital, I needed some help around the eye area and on a friend's recommendation I started using these jelly-like green eye pads called eye slices. I must admit I have found them to be absoluting amazing and my dark circles have definitely diminished. They are really worth a try! I bought them thro' the internet and the website was

Good luck!
Try cold cucumber slices or cold used tea bags for dark circles and get plenty of sleep. Hope this helps
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Yeahh i agree on the circulation thing. I have dark circles and easily get cold hands and feet so im gonna look into vitamin b then.

Going to the gym can help massivley to improve circulation. However have a check up first because people with bad circulation are advised against doing heavy lifting. They checked my blood pressure and told me this. So the best thing for me is running and swimming. I think these are better anyway regardless.

How u sleep can effect the puffiness too. sleeping face down or whatnot.

I stopped drinking coffee and tea and started drinking green tea instead. I think that helped a little. Plus i never used to take care my skin until recently

Avoid alcohol, this is devastating for the skin. Alcoholics always have exagerated dark cirlces and red faces. Try and get a least 7-8 hours sleep.

And probably the most important thing is to keep hydrated. Having a good intake of water will help with a lot more than just your skin. This relates back to the alcohol. One of the reasons alcohol is so bad is because it rapidly dehydrates the body.
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