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circles under your eye can be caused by a number of things, these include:

1. Lack of sleep. Not getting enough rest causes circles and reveals veins under the eyes.
2. Heredity. circles under your eyes can be caused simply by your genetics. If you have under eye circles, and you notice one or two other persons in your family have the same issue, then at least you know one possible cause.
3. Hormonal changes. During times of menses and pregnancy.
4. Medications. Those that you take for the purpose to dilate blood vessels will also make the blood vessels under your eyes dilate too.
5. Allergies. Food allergies and hay fever cause your membrane areas to itch, and if you scratch and rub, then puffy circles will appear.
6. Aging. When men and women reach their 4o?s.
7. Stress. Home, work, troubled relationships.
8. Excessive alcohol consumption.
4. Sun Exposure. Many people forget to apply sunscreen under their eyes!
6. Smoking.
8. Thyroid Imbalance.
9. Poor nutrition.
10. Vitamin deficiency.

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Thanks or good tips, but I think one of these factors are correct for my case but still I have dark cirles. what can I do?

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Many effective ways to remove dark circles under eyes can be achieved by applying home natural remedies for dark circles, anti aging skin care treatments, anti aging skin care products, non surgical, and surgery treatments and methods.

Home remedies for dark circles - Remedys cannot remove dark under eye circles permanently. Dark circles remedies offer short-term, inexpensive solutions that can help you diminish dark eye circles temporarily. Some remedies may work better than others.
Heres a few to try-

Lemon juice mixture to help remove dark circles under eyes -

Apply a mixture of lemon and tomato juice (equal parts) on the dark under eye circles twice a day.

Cucumber magic-

The most effective and all time favorite remedy for dark circles under the eyes.

Lay thin slices of cucumber on your eyes for 10-15 minutes. Cucumber slices applied to your eyes dark circles not only helps to lighten the skin, but also soothes and cools the eyes.

Tea bags help relieve bags under eyes-

Immerse and boil tea bags in water for 10 minutes. Apply as a compress to under eye area. Tea brands such as (caffeinated) Assam and Chamomile work best. Tea contains Tannin*, which has anti-inflammatory effects. *An astringent – It will contract the body tissues, reducing eye bags puffiness.

For more detailed information you are welcome to visit source

Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes With Effective Remedies And Anti aging Methods

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The usual cause of dark circles is having lack of sleep. Obviously, we can prevent it by sleeping a minimum 8 hours of sleeping. We all know that, but some of us require us to work for long hours. Some creams out there in the market will help you erase that dark circles. But you can avoid that by putting sliced cucumber over your eye. It is effective and can give satisfying result. But it could take you for long time.
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