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Dark patches around mouth

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Lately I've noticed dark patches have formed around my mouth, they don't feel rough or anything, it's just dark.

Can someone please help me?
here is a link to the image
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Hormonal balance problems are my guess. You could try a product with hydroquinone in it. It will lighten up the area. Follow-up with proper sun protection since your skin will be sensitive following the hq treatment. Give that a shot and report back with the results and we can go from there.
are you sure it's hormonal imbalance, i haven't noticed anything weird apart from this

also i heard that a lemon would help with this but it just hurt and itched and then it started peeling

do you think it's just an allergic reaction to something?
I said that it was my GUESS, but it could be absoultely anything. If you provide more information as to when it started and particular conditions during this time we could make a better estimate as to its cause. Hormonal imbalance will typically cause skin overpigmentation though.

There are people on here that advocate lemon, honey, and other natural products for their skin care regimens and I don't believe they work except as food condiments. Use proper skin care products that are backed by research and that acutally work.
i'm only 18 and i started shaving quite late, errm after i shave i like to use a bit of moisturiser so maybe that could be the problem?
I'm using this nivea moisturising cream that comes in a tube.

while using the lemon it got itchy and it was stinging
after using the lemon my skin started getting extremely dry
Moisturizing will never be a problem, in fact you should always moisturize. Go with some of the HQ I recommended and go from there.
might be due to shaving .why don't you use a machine instead..
Catherine, you might be onto something. I didn't even think about that. It could be a form of razor burn.

Do as Catherine said, or better yet, don't shave at all and see if that helps.
I have this same issue too. I have a darker color or "ring" around my outer lips. It kind of looks like I have dark lips stick on. Trying to lighten it slowly... takes time, because I have to do it at night and I have to be careful to not dry out my lips.
Please do not use hydroquinone!. It is very dangerous. It kills the melanocytes which are the pigment producing cells in the skin. We need pigment, it is our protection against the sun. I am a esthetician, Ive study this extensively. The FDA is looking to ban it. You will be left with more skin damage using HQ. I recommend finding a doc that does lazer treatments, they are very effective and not damaging.
Pigment around mouth is definately hormonal. Check hormone levels with doc also, for women, you may just have to go on low dose birth control
i am not much for food treatments, i also had dark patches above my lip, my sister bought me a 4pc kit by celacor. it totally worked. i think they are selling on amazon.
I haven't tried the below, but I found 2 comments regarding dark skin around mouth.

1: From Anonymous...
"Hi, I too have similar problem...the areas that i have are around the ear, jawline and chest. I was prescribed zinc based ointment, also was asked to apply 'Nizoral' - anti dandruff shampoo, on the affected area, leave it for 15 minutes before washing it. It has been 12 days since i started this treatment....the dryness seems to have reduced and the pigmentation is also turning a shade lighter. Hopefully, it would disappear soon. Apparently, this is some kind of fungal infection which is aggravated by humid conditions. Hope this helps."

2nd Anonymous:
"I have had this issue on and off for over 10 years! I am super fair and I still thought I had a moustache because of the discoloration around my mouth! I have had doctors give me many creams and potions and I found that using Selsun Blue shampoo on my spots and as a body wash at least once a week works.

I was in the sun this past week and it all came out again! Humidity is the source of my flare ups! Stay in the air conditioning and try the Selsun Blue. I just bought some! "

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I used to have this problem when I was younger. The thing that really worked for me was exfoliation.
It looks like melasma to me. Is your skin more oily around the mouth area, compared to the rest?

I'd advise you to use msm, alongside vitamin c, before you try any other products which may contain harsh ingredients.
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