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Dead sea minerals for problem skin?

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A good friend of mine recommended using Dead sea products for problematic skin (acne, dry face, oily face etc)?

Can anyone back this up?
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You can try Osea. It's a simple line but with great benefits. It's a marine based product line.
I cant say like a dermatologist would....but, if you go to the beach and youhave blemishes...the next day they are nearly gone and I believe that is because of the mnerals in the salt water. I think those type products are worth trying.
Dead sea minerals are known to have healing powers and are great for drying out problematic skin!
Yes, Dead Sea mud has great healing properties. I've used a soap bar made with dead sea ingredients and it did wonders for my skin. I would recommend to anyone.
You can also try your local library. There is some good scientific information available that can give you some insight as to why dead sea products may serve you well, especially if you have problems such as psoriasis and severe eczema.
I have seen those products in the malls. Never thought of using it though. Can anyone tell me if its good and for what?
I have used Sahara's Secrets dead sea skin care line and I found them to be very refreshing and effective...especially the oil salt treatment and the exfoliants. I heard about dead sea minerals in skin care from a good friend and who had some problems with acne....she uses their facial cleanser and her face is smooooooooth and beautiful! It costs a little more than what you would buy in the store but with better results and you don't have to use much when you use it...a little goes a long way.. I usually order mine online (wont let me enter URL because im new lol sorry) because I can never find it in the mall anymore...ohh well though, it ships fast.
I have used Minerals Dead Sea products,
creams, peeling gel, cleanser lotion, body lotion
and products work for me very well. They are
natural and rich in minerals.
I bought them in store online.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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