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Dear Diet-ry

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Hi all!
I will be posting any and everything about my diet on this thread. I decided to make a separate thread for this because I want the other thread that I will post tomorrow to be statistical.

As I mentioned before, I want people to be able to see me go through this thing step by step, not just a before and then --BAM-- after. Please post your comments freely, whether they be comments of support or opposition. I certainly won't stop you. These are all real measurements. I'm putting myself out there you guys! I will post any and everything that I do. Exercise, sleep, etc... Anyone may feel free to join me if they wish in my journey. -that sounds so corny!
The measurements will be taken in the same settings, so as not to fake anything; usually in my birthday suit.
I will post if the case is otherwise.
I don't have a goal weight per say...
, but I do want my clothes to fit better, and to be more toned and less jiggly. Yes. I jiggle.
Anyway, here is my failed attempt last week.
My intentions were to do this everyday (measurements) in the morning but I slacked off. Haha! I cheated for like 4 days!
SO, i have to start ALL OVER! I start tomorrow and will mark my progress.

Friday, September 14. 7:00AM

Age : 19
Weight : 108.4
BMI : 20%
Height : 5 foot 2 inches
Mid-waist : 58.5cm
Hips : 82.5 cm
Bust : 76 cm
Arms : 10cm at widest point
Knees : 35cm
Mid-thigh : 45cm
Upper-thigh : 50cm (NO!)
Calf : 33 cm
Pants size : 0

Exercise : None...

: Coffee (black, 1tsp sugar) | Orange Juice | Oatmeal (brown sugar, Smart Balance butter)
Lunch : Banana | Peach (sliced) | Apple | Granola w/ raisins, almonds | Water
Dinner : Amy's Organic Mild Chili | Tofu Scramble wrapped in Whole Wheat Tortilla w/ garlic, onion, Nutritional Yeast (Mmm~) cooked in Olive oil (added tomato, vegan cheese w/ jalapenos) | Soy milk | Water | Green Tea | Orange Juice
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Wait, why would I be on the tiolet alot? I mean, I go very often, almost every time I go to the restroom. It's become kind of normal to me. The other day when I pigged out, I took this Dieter's Tea stuff my mom has. :tard: NEVER do this if you have a sensitive stomach. I was cursing (not literally) at the tea the whole day. That was the first time I had diarrhea in a long while. But all the foods I listed, I LOVE. I recently discovered Nutritional Yeast and I put it on everything!

I measured and weighed myself today... it's the same.
I did gain 8/10 of a pound though...

Today: Wednesday, September 19
Breakfast : Grits (butter, sugar) | Soy Milk | Orange Juice | Tropical Fruit Cup
Lunch : Sauteed Tofu | Orange | Strawberry Fruit Chiller | Water | Vegetable Fried | Rice Green Tea
Dinner : Amy's Organic Texas Style Burger (Sauteed Onions, Lettuce, Tomato, Vega cheese, Jalapenos, Mayo, Nutritional Yeast, Whole Wheat Buns) | Water | Green Tea | Soy Milk | Apple
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I tried Apple Cider Vinegar for the first time today and nearly regurgitated everything I'd eaten this morning. I was reading that it was sweeter than regular White Vinegar and I needed to use it to make this delicious Vegan Chocolate Cake. So, I get all excited thinking it was going to taste great -- the regular vinegar gives the cake a weird taste -- but to my surprise, when I open the bottle, this strong smell assaults my nose. I think nothing of it since White Vinegar has a strong smell too. So, I mix it in, taste it and IMMEDIATELY gag. I was like WTF? Excuse my language, but geez that stuff tastes bad. I'll take my regular White Vinegar any day. Btw, the thing I love about this cake is you can eat as much of the raw batter as you want! I'm a cake batter lover so...
Using no eggs, theres no risk of Salmonella Poisoning!

Exercise : Does studying count?...
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There may be an easier way and you can still put yourself on the line. There can be money in it for you when you WIN! Check it out at "bodyforlife" and look at the challenge!

You have a great meal plan for 6 days a week and 1 day to eat whatever you want, the results are still amazing as long as you follow the plan and do the exercise!

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