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Derms vs Estes

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Hey Estes, just need to get some input to a crucial matter in our line of work. I just got a very distressing call from a (used to be) really good client, or so I thought, saying that her dermatologist told her to stop getting facials. His reason is that they are bringing "stuff" up to the surface (duh) and that over time facials thin the skin. Oh my gosh!! I was PEEED. I told her that I totally disagreed w/ that doctor and that most derms wld recommend an este for their value and that facials actually strengthen the skin. I am too mad to think and am asking for help in composing a letter to this client explaining to her what the derm is up to (wanting to put her on meds for the rest of her life) and that facials are only to help not to hinder. Plz advise on your professional opinion/advise.
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